2019 Yale NECHE Visiting Team

Dr. Christopher L. Eisgruber (Chair)
Princeton University

Dr. Avery August
Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
Cornell University

Ms. (Katharine) Tracy Barnes
Director, Institutional Research
Brown University

Dr. Kim Godsoe
Associate Provost for Academic Affairs
Brandeis University

Ms. Ingrid Gould
Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs
University of Chicago

Dr. Sunil Kumar
Provost & Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
Johns Hopkins University

Mr. Michael J. Lochhead
Executive Vice President
Boston College

Ms. Joann Mitchell
Senior Vice President for Institutional Affairs
University of Pennsylvania

Ms. Leah Rosovsky
Dean’s Administrative Fellow, Harvard Business School
Harvard University

Dr. Martin N. Wybourne
Professor, Physics and Astronomy
Dartmouth College